Mazda 323

since 1985 of release

Repair and car operation

Mazda 323

+ Introduction
+ Petrol engines
+ System of greasing of the engine
+ System of cooling of the engine
+ ignition System
+ Power supply system, carburetor, system of injection of fuel
+ Diesel engine
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Coupling
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Suspension bracket and steering system
+ Brake system
- Wheels and tires, body, car coloring, care of the car
   The sizes of disks and tires/pressure in tires
   Designations of disks
   Designations of tires
   Replacement of wheels
   Rules of care of tires
   Balancing of wheels
   Antisliding chains
   Spare wheel
   Wear of tires
   Removal and installation of a front bumper
   Removal and installation of a rear bumper
   Removal and front grille installation
   Removal and installation of lateral moldings
   Removal and installation of a forward wing
   Removal and cowl installation/adjustment
   Removal and installation/adjustment of a door of a back
   Removal and door installation/adjustment
   Upholstery door door/window regulator/glass
   Removal and installation of an upholstery of a door
   Removal and installation of a glass/window regulator of a forward door
   Lock/handle/cylinder of the lock of a door
   Lock of a door of a back / internal drive
   External mirror
   Removal and installation of glass of a mirror
   Panel of devices / average console
   Forward seats
   Removal and installation of a back seat
   Back seat
   Car coloring
   Elimination of damages from stones
   Rikhtovka body/repair of rusty openings
   Preparation for painting
   Wash of the car
   Care of a varnish covering
   Protection of the bottom and preservation of cavities
   Care of an upholstery
+ electric equipment System
+ Heater, lighting system, devices
+ Governing bodies and operation receptions
+ Electric circuits

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Rules of care of tires

Tires have so-called "memory" and the negligent treatment of them — for example, fast or frequent moving through obstacles — leads to their premature failure.

 Cleaning of tires

Whenever possible not to clear the tire the steam-ejecting device. If the nozzle of the steam-ejecting device is brought too close, the rubber layer will be destroyed for a short time, also at application of cold water. The tire cleared thus should be replaced for the purpose of safety.

Also such tires which had long contact to oil or greasing should be replaced. The tire is pressed through in these parts, however then accepts a former form and outside looks intact. However loading capacity of the tire strongly decreases.

 Storage of tires

Tires should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. They should not contact to oil or greasing.

To store wheels follows in lying either a hover in garage or a cellar.

Before removing wheels it is necessary to increase pressure in tires (approximately on 0,3 - 0,5 Bar).

For winter tires to use the disks, so reassembling of tires on the same disks not expediently for cost reasons.

Running in of tires

New tires have very smooth surface. Therefore new tires are belongs as well to a spare wheel - should be rolled. At a running in the surface of tires becomes because of wear of rougher. On the first 300 km with new tires it is necessary to go very carefully, especially by the crude road.