Mazda 323

since 1985 of release

Repair and car operation

Mazda 323

+ Introduction
+ Petrol engines
+ System of greasing of the engine
+ System of cooling of the engine
+ ignition System
+ Power supply system, carburetor, system of injection of fuel
+ Diesel engine
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Coupling
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Suspension bracket and steering system
+ Brake system
+ Wheels and tires, body, car coloring, care of the car
+ electric equipment System
+ Heater, lighting system, devices
- Governing bodies and operation receptions
   Before landing in the car
   Running in
   Locks of doors
   The uniform (central) locking device (if is available)
   Protection against pranks of children (if is available, only on back doors)
   Electric window regulator (if is available)
   Back rotary glasses (on 3-door models)
   Adjustment of height of a steering wheel (if is available)
   Seat belts (if is available)
   Door back/trunk lid
   Luggage belts
   Trunk lid (if is available)
   Spare wheel
   - Steering wheel and gear shifting
      Lock of ignition and steering column
      Engine start
      Management of RKPP and transfer case
      Car operation with an automatic transmission
      Recommendations for economic operation
      Tempostat (switch of a mode of maintenance of constant speed)
      Lighting and light alarm system
      Screen wiper and stekloomyvatel
      Control panel
      Other devices and equipment
      Heater and ventilation
      The conditioner (if is available)
      Lamps of salon, luggage carrier and lamp for reading (if is available)
      The movable hatch (if is available)
      Start by pushing or towage
      Impellent compartment
+ Electric circuits

Other devices and equipment

Cowl unlocking


    The cowl opens if to pull for the locking button.
    Unlock and lift a cowl. Prop up a cowl an emphasis.
    Before closing of a cowl clean an emphasis in the holder. Lower a cowl and let's to it be latched.

Management of dashboard illumination (if is available)

At rotation of a castor of a regulator brightness of illumination of the dashboard is established.

System of adjustment of height of a road gleam (cars with a full drive if is available)

By means of this system it is possible to establish the car "above" or "more deeply" according to road conditions. At loading changes, for example, during the landing or disembarkation of passengers or when loading and unloading the luggage, the exposed height of a road gleam is established automatically.


TIEF is low" Under normal conditions movements and trips on the high-speed highway at the included ignition establish in situation "Low". The LOW indicator in this case lights up.
HOCH is high" On rough or country roads at the included ignition establish in situation "Highly". The HIGH indicator in this case lights up.


    If the height of a road gleam is switched from situation "Low" in situation "Highly", in an installation time the indicator blinks.
    When the height is established, the red indicator burns. Installation lowly" or "Highly" corresponds approximately on 20 mm to deeper or on 10 cm to higher level, than standard height of a road gleam of cars with a drive on two wheels.
  • If both HIGH and LOW indicators blink, the system can be faulty, or there can be following problems:
      The car is loaded with weight more than 350 kg (passengers and luggage). The car is inclined owing to non-uniform loading or road conditions. If the problems specified in two previous points are absent, means, the system is faulty. Contact the service center MAZDA.
  • Be careful at adjustment of height of a road gleam during movement.
      Do not establish height of a road gleam above if you move with high speed or are in turn.

Warmed back glass (if is available)

Heating of back glass at the included ignition (the ignition key in the situation "ON (II)" can be switched on by switch pressing.

At the included heating of back glass the control lamp burns.

Do not use for purification of back glass scrapers for glasses, sharp subjects or abrasive cleaners as can be damaged a heating wire.

Cleaner of back glass (if is available)

The cleaner of back glass can be included by means of the switch.

System of a washer of back glass (if is available)

Liquid of a washer will be sprayed on back glass while the switch will be pressed. If liquid is not sprayed, it is necessary to check liquid level in a tank.

If at a full tank liquid is not sprayed, check washer system in MAZDA workshop.

System of cleaning of headlights (if is available)

Washing liquid is sprayed on glasses of headlights when the switch is switched on at the included ignition.

The system of cleaning of headlights should not work more long 10 seconds.

Shock-absorbers with electronic adjustment (if is available)

Adjustable shock-absorbers can be established in three various positions of "SPORT", «NORMAL» and «CRUISE».

Management of the switch


For improvement of dynamic characteristics it is necessary to establish all shock-absorbers in the situation Hart (rigid).



in front behind
SPORT Hart Hart


For a soft dynamic characteristics it is necessary to establish all shock-absorbers in the Weich mode (soft).



in front behind
NORMAL Weich Weich


For stability improvement on high speeds forward shock-absorbers are established in the situation hart, and back shock-absorbers in the situation weich.



in front behind
NORMAL Hart Weich

Digital watch (if is available)

Time installation

Establish the ignition key in the situation "ON (II)".

RESET — If to press the RESET key, the indicator of minutes will be established on a zero. At an otpuskaniye of a key stout hour will be precisely established.

For example, if to press the RESET key in 9:01 – 9:29 indication to be established 9:00, in 9:30 – 9:59 it will be established 10:00.

Thus, it is possible to establish, for example, exact time on a radio station signal.

HOUR — If to press the HOUR key, will change value of hours.

MIN — If to press the MIN key, will change value of minutes.


The lighter turns on by pressing it. When it will heat up, it jumps out back and can be used. At the switched-off engine the ignition key should be established in the situation "ACC (I)" to use the lighter.

Do not hold the lighter in the pressed situation as it can overheat.

Use only the original MAZDA lighter. It is not recommended to connect any electrodevices in a lighter nest, for example, the razor, a coffee maker etc. as the nest can be damaged.


To take out an ashtray, it is necessary to extend it and to press a spring. Close an ashtray if you do not use it.

Do not use an ashtray, as capacity for a waste.

Back ashtray (if is available)

To take out an ashtray, it is necessary to open a cover and to extend it.

Ware box

For opening pull a box cover down.

If the cover has the lock, insert a key and for opening of a cover turn it to the left.

With a view of safety during movement the cover of a ware box should be closed.

The ware shelf (if is available)

Open the shelf.

Coin box (if is available)

For opening of a coin box pull.

Do not use a coin box as an ashtray.

Back foggy lamps (if is available)

In order to avoid arrival behind at poor visibility, for example, a dense fog include back foggy lamps. For switching off once again press the switch.

Lateral deflectors of fresh air

The air stream can be regulated by means of levers.

The air arriving from lateral deflectors of fresh air, depends on speed of movement of the car.

Arriving air depends on speed of rotation of the fan.

At the switched-on conditioner establish the lever in situation